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British GP to be held at Donnington from 2010

I have just read from the announcement on the Autosport site that the Silverstone will host it’s final British Grand Prix next year and will be replaced with Donnington in 2010 due to lack of govenment funding.

This now means that the work done to Silverstone of moving the position of the pits, soemthing that was being done to secure Silverstone’s place in the future of F1, will only be used for a year by F1.

And now more money (£100 million) has to be spent on Donnington to improve its facilities as right now Donnington is no where near an “F1 circuit”. I would also say that the circuit itself isn’t the best for F1,  especilly when compared to Silverstone (which drivers have praised for its variety of corners). So will the layout of the circuit be changed?

The way I see it is Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t see things like you or I.. all he see’s is big wads of cash everywhere.

I just hope I’m wrong about it all


OK so when I wrote this I was forgetting that the British GP used to be held at Donnington (the last one was in 1993). But still I think the current facilities at donnington are not upto the modern ways of Formula One. Just have to see what happens with the £100 million.