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Goodbye old friend

For years I have been a big drinker of coca cola or coke as its now known. It’s no big surprise to anyone that coke is quite bad for you, full of sugar and stuff but still I drank it. That was until lent this year when I decided to help myself get healthy I would give it up (for lent).

During this time, especilly the first few days I missed my drinks of coke a lot, I got moody and very tired at night. It wasn’t nice and a few times I nearly buckled and poured myself a glass.

I stayed with it and easter sunday came and I poured myself a glass… it was ok… not great but I drank it, now a few days later I poured myself a glass and couldn’t drink it, it just wasn’t nice. In a way I am a little sad, I used to love the taste but I suppose this is for the best, I have lost weight and people say I am looking better…. I doubt it’s entirely down to not drinking coke but it must be a factor.

So anyway, goodbye old friend.

At least I still like a good ol cup of tea 🙂