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End of an era

I was about 15 when I got my first mobile phone and since then until April 1st 2009 the only phones I have owned have been Ericsson/Sony Ericsson phones. In a way, I’m a little bit proud of that fact, whilst others were playing snake on there Nokia’s and having the ringtone that Dom Jolly used in Trigger Happy TV for his giant phone I was happily composing ringtones (with the help of guides from the internet) and… that was it, I don’t think my first phone had a game on it. This Phone was the

Ericsson A1018s

Ericsson A1018s

Ericsson A1018s

A beast of a phone, look at it… it’s huge! but it was my first… and second phone as I lost the first in a history class. It wasn’t a bad phone (in those days) but was hard to carry around… especially with an aerial that big. Funny thing is, I still have this phone taking up a drawer.

So I had that phone for a few years, at this stage I couldn’t care less what new phone came out, I just wanted to phone and text and that was it. Then when it came to finally upgrade I chose the…

Ericsson T20

ericsson t20

ericsson t20

This was a special version as it was a special edition Tomb Raider version, which meant it came with a free Tomb Raider PC game and tomb raider images stored on the phone. Apart from that the phone was like any other, from the outside there is no difference. I did love this phone, it had its own version of defender, tetris and breakout. This phone I had for ages and pretty much wore it out. I think I still have this phone somewhere… still have the tomb raider game! (it wasn’t very good)

Sony Ericsson Z600



WOW! This one folded in half, and had two screens, the big main one and one on the front flip which showed the time and who was phoning you… really useful! AND! my first colour screen phone! ALSO! my first phone with a camera! Oh the possibilities that this phone brought, what extra fun you could have, I forgot to mention that this also had WAP access (which cost a lot to access) A big step up for me, and I enjoyed it, I was starting to get the best phone I could get when it became time for me to upgrade my phone and I am really glad I chose this it was a very good phone up until the day I turned it on and it wiped itself, lost all sounds, and the screen resembled Windows 3.1. I wish I could say I was joking but I’m not. Still a great phone

Sony Ericsson K700i



The smallest phone I ever owned. This could take video’s and it was good, nothing majorly special it worked and had a cool aluminium back to it.

Sony Ericsson w810

Sony Ericsson w810

Sony Ericsson w810

Probably the best of the lot, This phone never ever let me down and I loved it until I wore the battery down. I only got this because the carrier I was getting it off was offering a free Sony PSP if I took out a ยฃ35 a month contract… so I signed up as I really wanted a PSP… turned out I had to get an older phone as this had only just come out. So I just left with the phone, and swore at the rip off and fake advertising poster they had in the window. But I got a great phone out of it… and a few months later I got a PSP… then sold it again for a Wii… what comes around gets traded for something better (I want a PSP again btw… I miss it)

Sony Ericsson k850i

sony ericsson k850i

sony ericsson k850i

So here we are, the latest of my Sony Ericsson phones and what will be my last. I chose this over a Nokia N95 after I read bad reviews of that phone, kinda wished I had ignored them now as this phone was ok for a few months but those tiny buttons were very hard to get used to and the 3 touch sensitive buttons just below the screen always get pressed by your cheek whilst you in a call… very annoying! Also the plastic above and below the screen is held on by touble sided sticky tape/plastic…. trust me, I’ve seen it as they have fallen off many times leaving glue everwhere (especilly on the screen) and the battery died very quickly so it needs charging every couple of daysw which drives me mad as it doesn’t seem to matter if I use the phone or not. I will be glad to see the back of it.

So what am I getting to replace and end the era of Ericssons…



The iPhone of course!

And I can’t wait


New theme

Since its a new start, decided for a fresh theme… until this is hosted when I get more control over the design that is.

BBC doesn’t choose the best picture for an article

Just reading through some Le Man articles, mostly onย autosport but found one on the BBC site with an article about how Audi and Peugeot now dominate the race using diesel powered cars and in the future diesel hybrids may be used. you can see it here.

But what got my attention was the choice of picture the BBC decided to use to put to a quote by Marc Boque of PSA Peugeot Citroen.

oops! a bad choice I think. Clearly shows a damaged Peugeot LMP-1 Car

Clearly whoever had the job to find a sutibe picture was pressed for time but to put this picture to a quote is a bad mistake. hey must have realised that it is a picture of a accident damaged Peugeot LMP-1 car being loaded onto the back of a truck to be taken back to the pits. You can clearly see thet the bodywork around the front left wheel is missing.

I would imagine the picture will be changed at some point during the day, but until then… enjoy the mistake!


should really be getting some sleep right now, but all I can think about is traveling up to middlesbrough tomorrow to see my good friends that I made at university, miss those guys and its been far too long since I saw them but for 2 night’s I plan on making it like I never left!

Staying up there until Sunday, which is Fathers day.. tried to buy him a bottle of <a href=””>Famous Dad</a> but sadly the supermarket where I went had either sold out or just not put any out, just the normal Famous Grouse.

so yeah.. a new post when I get back

365 days

Well tomorrow marks a year since I came home from university for good. Cannot believe its been a year already but I am very glad that a year later I have found employment and its in the field that I studied, you see so many graduates leave university only to get a job in something completely different then what they trained in, or some just don’t have a job for ages

So, this past year what have I done

  • Spent 9 months actually looking for a job.
  • Went on holiday for a week to Spain. It mostly rained.
  • Did a couple of days working as a temp doing data entry.
  • Learned that data entry is one of the most boring things to do.

… thats pretty much it. Quite a sad list really

So… year 2 as it is. Hopefully I’ll (get ready for more bullit points)

  • Progress more in my job and understand more about SEO (which could mean a new blog… which I may make later today)
  • Play more guitar… been playing for 5 years now… it’s time I got better.
  • Get fit (yeah still not really going on wiiFit… but I did buy a mountain bike today and the hills around where I live are perfect for that sort of thing)
  • Take more pictures in general to make my flickr account bigger… not just 2 pictures… and try and be at and arrange more social occasions and take pictures there
  • Actually manage to not look like an idiot in pictures…
  • Drawing and digital art… do some… been far too long. Especilly since my number of profile views on deviantArt has increased alot!

yes I doubt I will stick to these things… but I’ll try.

anyway… todays far too nice to sit inside… even though theres nothing to do out there really… damn friends moving away ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s june already!?!

Well after a brief spell of blogging every couple of days, I then don’t for two weeks… oops!

But I have been very busy, mostly (pretty much all) at work and work related things, somehow over the last couple of weeks my work load has doubled (tripled!?) so much that I actually don’t have that much time to get it all done AND my job title has changed from online marketing executive to digital media executive. Which does sound a little impressive but really it’s not and im still just doing the reporting and small (ish) tasks.

So that has pretty much been it, there was a leaving do for 3 members of staff but sadly not that many people turned up (I really thought there would have been more) and one of them spilt his guinness down me so I ended up sitting in a guiness puddle for a while.. I had to let him off tho, he had been made redundant the day before… still… guiness doesnt leave the best stain in the world.

So I shall leave this here for now. It turns out my weekends are going to get quite eventful over the next month or so, this weekend (well thursday really) I am taking a couple of days off from work ๐Ÿ™‚ and travelign to Leeds to see my friends art show, I have been promising him that I would go see one for ages but then something always got in the way at the last minute, and since he is now in his last year of University I will definatly go, and I hope that we will get chance to go for a drink together as it has been a long time since we have done, well the last time I drank and he couldnt due to a medical condition… but hes fine now so yes a nice quiet drink would be…. nice.

Then the weekend after… actually it may be nothing

Maybe im not that busy after all!

The joys of faster internet

Finally today my 8mb internet connection was turned on, and yes thats slow now compared to most places in the world now (I’m looking at you Japan), and the fact that the lines used here in the UK are from when phones were first invented the one I use can only handle 3mb but its 2mb faster then what I was on before so I am very happy, and a big plus, no more AOL. Since I first got the internet I have been with AOL (I was with a couple of other but also had AOL at the same time. Don’t ask why, my dad was paying for it so it was his choice). When I first used AOL I quite liked it, it had a couple of fun multiplayer games… Splatterball and some space ship one, but then they were taken away, and I found that chat rooms are a scary place to be with people pretty much stalking others on there.

But now after about 10 years with them, I have finally changed to O2. Is very cheap since they are also my mobile phone provider. Just hope it continues to do this well.

Oh, and I will be doing a couple more “my views” soon, GTA IV and Mario Kart. and maybe a Wii Fit update but I havn’t been on it for a while… oops! what was the purpose of that again?

oh and for a closing note, and this is something I have tried writing a couple of times now but has just turned into shouting. I live close to Manchester, UK and work there and last wedesday I witnessed the Rangers fans on mass “invade” the City Centre and when following the events all day and night and then seeing some of the result back in Manchester the following day… and many blog reading, and viewing of pictures and video of the riot which happened made me very angry. Manchester is one of my favourite places to be and to see it pretty much “ruined” in one night by a bunch of pissed up hooligans made me very sad. I like football… and Scotland, but to see what those Rangers fans did last wednesday night, and then to be supported by the Scottish Conservative party who said “Manchester is to blame”… well I just hope Glasgow holds a Major sporting event soon and then the Scottish Conservative party can witness there city being destroyed… hopefully by their own Rangers fans. Let there police force be beaten to the ground and stamped on.