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Fun with Spore

I and now millions of others around the world downloaded the demo of the Spore Creature Creator to have an early see what it’s like.

After all… we have been waiting years!

So what do I think of it. Well after a long discussion with a friend of “just what do you do?”… “its a bit like the sims right?” and”what DO you do?!?” it turns out… not alot. Where The Sims had goals, you watched them grow, controlled their lives, and killed them in pools, Spore seems to be a big Tamagotchi… but with less features.

Ok so I’ve only played the demo… which has 25% of the full creature creator content, but I had a good read of the “What is Spore” section of the Spore site and it turns out you create your creature.. and then they live in a world of other creatures where it eats and fights with the others. The way the site describes it makes you feel confused and you may think that it could get boring very quickly

But once you start creating your creature you do start having fun the actuall creator is very well done. You start off with the body where you can see the spine which you can make to whatever shape you want. Then you can go about adding a mouth or mouth’s… eyes… ears… arms and legs basically whatever you want… what it to be tall.. you can… really short… that too… its a great and pretty powerful creator, I do quite like it alot.

Now I know I only played the demo and the full “game” isn’t released until september, but after a couple of creatures created last night I did get a little bored… maybe it was my lack of imagination or the fact there isn’t many things to put on your creature… but I started thinking again how pointless the full game could be once its released.

But on my way home from work today I decided to load up spore on the train home and created my 4th creature… and whilstĀ  doing so found new ways of changing the mouth shape… and i managed to get the spine in a more horizontal position… and the fun was back!

I think it will be interesting to see just what the full game is like, being able to constuct more creatures and buildings, vehicles and spaceships for them… dont know why you can… but I’m sure we will see in september.

Will Wright… looks like you sold another copy

p.s. ill post picture of my creatures soon


New Ferrari California…

I am quite a big car fan… and usually have an opinion on most cars new or old, so when I got the Top Gear (very popular tv show here in UK… although it is also shown on international BBC stations… I think) announcing about a new ferrari with pictures, I had one of my opinions…

Now, Ferrari in my eyes are just about getting back on track of what a car should look like with the F430, the Enzo for me was horrible, yes its fast and has lots of features which are more suited to the F1 Ferrari but… no… pointless car, and you can buy (if you have enough money) a F430 which has nearly the same top speed as the Enzo (about 2mph less) so whats the point of the Enzo when the F430 looks far better…

(Right now I would like to point out, as its something I feel strongly about and don’t want to upset anyone or start a comment war… THESE ARE MY OWN OPINIONS, I understand that you may love the Enzo, which I’m not going to say your wrong, its your opinion… good for you. I’ts the same with the Xbox v Playstation v Wii debate which will never go away, I used to be very pro Playstation, but now I own a wii and a Xbox360 and couldnt care less which is better… its fun… thats what they are made for…)

Anyway the new Ferrari California (not the best name, but am still undecided on it) looks ok

Ferrari California - Front

but to me, the front looks slightly Maserati GranSport ish, but I do see a resemblence to the F355.

Ferrari California Rear

The rear though does look like a TVR and doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the cars looks. It just looks like an afterthought and a “how can we make the rear different?” meeting must have happened late one night. Annoyingly I have tried to find a picture which would be a good comparision, but unfortuantly so far I havnt apart from this picture

tvr sagaris back

I will try and find better comparison shot.

I must be honest though, whilst writing this short post I have been looking at the California more and more and am now really starting to like it, the rear still bothers me and I don’t think it’s as good as a F430, the Calirornia almost looks like it was built to be included in OutRun, and driven on streets by the beach around lots of other beautiful people, and in a city where it never rains…

… well tomorrow I will be driving a new car a Toyota Yaris and im really excited…