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A new blog!

Hi all, just a quick post to say I have a new blog, all about video games! Check it out Dan Plays Video Games


C25K – Day 2

Was a bit easier, and managed to get round a little quicker than Day 1. But as I got a new mountain bike at the weekend I have been spending time on that, good its more excersise but it did mean I tired myself out.

next run is tonight however! and its the last run of the first week! Can’t remember how big of an increase week 2 is, hopefully not much!

Goodbye old friend

For years I have been a big drinker of coca cola or coke as its now known. It’s no big surprise to anyone that coke is quite bad for you, full of sugar and stuff but still I drank it. That was until lent this year when I decided to help myself get healthy I would give it up (for lent).

During this time, especilly the first few days I missed my drinks of coke a lot, I got moody and very tired at night. It wasn’t nice and a few times I nearly buckled and poured myself a glass.

I stayed with it and easter sunday came and I poured myself a glass… it was ok… not great but I drank it, now a few days later I poured myself a glass and couldn’t drink it, it just wasn’t nice. In a way I am a little sad, I used to love the taste but I suppose this is for the best, I have lost weight and people say I am looking better…. I doubt it’s entirely down to not drinking coke but it must be a factor.

So anyway, goodbye old friend.

At least I still like a good ol cup of tea 🙂

Wham bars

I used to love these as a kid, not too fun now with my teeth covered in one sat in a busy office. No one can understand me when I speak now… *sigh*

A wednesday decision.

Well… when was I last here… December… right

So what am I doing back?? WELL! I have decided to give it another go after being inspired from reading Danny Wallace’s Yes Man. He has such a good writing style which is very humorous and jolly… in fact jolly is the perfect way to describe it.. yes.. so there we go, it was another Dan (and a prod from a friend.)

ALSO!! I decided since I have now been in the big working world a year I should really say something… and a lot has happened since December… for starters Christmas has been and gone… if I left this blog any longer it would be nearly yet another Christmas and that would have been embarrassing.

So heres a quick update.

The work Christmas do was quite a good night even though everyone was very skeptical about it, some hated it but I had a great night in my tuxedo which was 5 sizes too big for me (this isn’t a sign that for the last 4 months I’ve been on a fitness fest… I have lost weight, but not that much ok) but I had fun just going round talking to people from the other office I used to work at. I drank far too much (as usual) and ended up at a seedy Chinese karaoke bar (first time) until 3am.

As for actual Christmas, my Mum was ill so nothing really happened on Christmas day it was boring but instead of getting family over and infecting them, we decided to get family over at a later date but it did give me chance to help cook Christmas dinner… it was edible.

I know its not Christmas but New Year was spent with some good friends, I think it was the first year I was away for new year.. but was nice I enjoyed it lots

Hey everyone!!! I lost my job in February! Yeah that sucked hard but after 3 weeks of moping round the house I got another job, better paid, better work so up yours previous place!

Errr… well I played football once and managed to injure myself whilst we weren’t actually playing and I drank  a lot of green tea… that is all. BUT! somehow I have managed to lose a bit of weight which is good and currently for that thing called lent I have given up Coca Cola as I drink far too much of the stuff… I can’t wait for lent to be over!

Well I have been travelling around visiting friends and thats pretty much it apart from spending far too much money on gadgets and stuff… but gadgets and stuff is whats needed.

Well i do have my SEO Blog Junior SEO which the plan is to update that once a week. This blog may be moved to my hosting server and given a domain but unsure of that yet. I also have plans to start a Motorsports/F1 blog since the start of the 2009 season will start soon. I would also like to do a gadget blog, video game blog, general car blog… but they would take up alot of time that I don’t really have and would probably not get updated as much as this (honest!) and the SEO blog.

I am going to try and refrain from posting game/car stuff on here like I have done in the past… it’s a bit pointless.. this is a blog about me… and thats what it is.

See you in a few months few weeks few days (hopefully)

lazyness is a killer

i have lots of ideas for sites and blogs and things like that. Things that would make me more productive but currently I don’t do any of them.

And after having a look at my current site, and realising just what a mess it’s in I feel a big sort out is needed to be done. I do also have to finish off the redesign idea which can currently be previewed here

But… when do I have the time!

still here…

… but always busy, things to write about but very little time.