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C25K – Day 1

Today I went for a run following the guide i found at in my bid to get fit (yeah yeah I know I have been saying it for years now) but I was well prepared, new running trainers and shorts bought at the weekend and podcast downloaded (which I could add my own music to).

It is a really good way of starting to run (sounds silly but after lazing about for years it makes sense) as it tells you to walk for 5 mins to warm up, then comes the first 60 second run, then 90 seconds of walking and it alternates like this for about half an hour finishing with another 5 minute walk to cool down. I enjoyed it and covered quite some distance (which I will track), I’ll be honest, I did sometimes take a bit more of a break then it said and stopped twice to get my breath back but I do suffer from astma so am easing myself into it, but I ran for all of the 60 seconds (a couple of times a little bit longer) that it said to do.

Next run is friday as you’re supposed to take a day off inbetween, going to be tough to make myself do it on a friday but I will try and stick to it after all in 9 weeks I’m supposed to be able to run 5k or 30 minutes non-stop *gulp!*


A weekend where I did something..

Path by the River Irwell

Path by the River Irwell

My weekends are usually quite boring. Mainly my fault since I end up not doing much but this weekend has been different, yesterday day time was pretty much the usual, but last night I went out and had a nice few drinks with a couple of friends and today went on a bike ride for a couple of hours. I seem to do the same route pretty much every time but I enjoy it, the only bad thing is when I’m half way I’m in the bottom of a valley and need to climb up again to get home… very tiring!

A wednesday decision.

Well… when was I last here… December… right

So what am I doing back?? WELL! I have decided to give it another go after being inspired from reading Danny Wallace’s Yes Man. He has such a good writing style which is very humorous and jolly… in fact jolly is the perfect way to describe it.. yes.. so there we go, it was another Dan (and a prod from a friend.)

ALSO!! I decided since I have now been in the big working world a year I should really say something… and a lot has happened since December… for starters Christmas has been and gone… if I left this blog any longer it would be nearly yet another Christmas and that would have been embarrassing.

So heres a quick update.

The work Christmas do was quite a good night even though everyone was very skeptical about it, some hated it but I had a great night in my tuxedo which was 5 sizes too big for me (this isn’t a sign that for the last 4 months I’ve been on a fitness fest… I have lost weight, but not that much ok) but I had fun just going round talking to people from the other office I used to work at. I drank far too much (as usual) and ended up at a seedy Chinese karaoke bar (first time) until 3am.

As for actual Christmas, my Mum was ill so nothing really happened on Christmas day it was boring but instead of getting family over and infecting them, we decided to get family over at a later date but it did give me chance to help cook Christmas dinner… it was edible.

I know its not Christmas but New Year was spent with some good friends, I think it was the first year I was away for new year.. but was nice I enjoyed it lots

Hey everyone!!! I lost my job in February! Yeah that sucked hard but after 3 weeks of moping round the house I got another job, better paid, better work so up yours previous place!

Errr… well I played football once and managed to injure myself whilst we weren’t actually playing and I drank  a lot of green tea… that is all. BUT! somehow I have managed to lose a bit of weight which is good and currently for that thing called lent I have given up Coca Cola as I drink far too much of the stuff… I can’t wait for lent to be over!

Well I have been travelling around visiting friends and thats pretty much it apart from spending far too much money on gadgets and stuff… but gadgets and stuff is whats needed.

Well i do have my SEO Blog Junior SEO which the plan is to update that once a week. This blog may be moved to my hosting server and given a domain but unsure of that yet. I also have plans to start a Motorsports/F1 blog since the start of the 2009 season will start soon. I would also like to do a gadget blog, video game blog, general car blog… but they would take up alot of time that I don’t really have and would probably not get updated as much as this (honest!) and the SEO blog.

I am going to try and refrain from posting game/car stuff on here like I have done in the past… it’s a bit pointless.. this is a blog about me… and thats what it is.

See you in a few months few weeks few days (hopefully)


Ok, so far too long and my plan of updating this every few days went totally out the window.

So where to start…

Well work is now back in Manchester which is very very good, enjoying being back there, does mean alot less traveling for me which is always a plus, and nice new offices to go with it. The downside I am always very busy and shattered by the time I get home.

My holiday to rhodes went great (and seems like ages ago now) got a little sunburnt but thats only because I am fair skinned. But can’t complain about the weather 35 degrees Celsius every day (and sometimes hotter then that) but 29 degrees at night so sleeping was hard. It was alot of fun and was a nice break from work (week and a half woot!) not sure where it will be next year… or if I could afford it.

My “get fit” plan closely followed the updating this blog out of the window, I keep getting determined to start properly but then I just… well don’t… although at the moment I am eating a lot healther.

I do have two new things which I love in my life. For starters a new guitar an Adam Black electro acoustic guitar which was a little expensive but totally worth it, it sounds so nice and I have wanted an acoustic guitar for ages, so happy I’ve got one now. Also last week after three weeks of waiting my nice shiny new Apple MacBook arrived, for years I have been using PC’s and windows but now I prefer using macs, they just work so much better and the trackpad on the MacBook is amazing, to use a trackpad on a normal pc laptop which doesnt allow two finger scroll etc is just frustrating.

ok so that was brief to say the least but I have caught up, kinda

home again

As I write this I’m curently sat on a train heading back home after spending a couple of nights seeing friends on Middlesbrough. Had a really good time and so glad I took Janets offer of her spare room instead of a sleeping bag on Daves floor.

Sadly though, and I’m quite ashamed of myself for this weekend is quite a big one for motorsport fans which I am… I have totally ignored the Le Man 24 hour race which happened this weekend, sure I read pretty much everything posted about it but the actual race? The biggest race of the year? Missed it

Well thats not entirely true as it is still happening now, but I have no internet access and by the time I get home it will be over. Oh well maybe I will actually go see it next year (which is a very good plan). Unless it’s on the same weekend as the Download festival which also happened this weekend (clearly I miss everything) something else that would be good to go to.

But I need money first and theres many other things that I could use the money for, like an apartment, this week as I read the paper I found it had a housing insert with many apartments in for £400-£600 a month (kinda my price range) which isn’t too bad especilly since some come fully furnished for that price and in a pretty good area of Manchester, and really if I have to get the bus or tram into manchester then that all adds up which could be money for rent. And it would take me ALOT less time to get to and from work, an hour+ journey cut down to a few minutes.

I don’t know, been home a year and after seeing my friends who have their own place, I really want that. I miss my freedom and my independance, and there is just more to see and do in Mancheseter. SO maybe, in six months, I’ll move out, that could be a good New Years thing start 2009 in a new place… maybe something to aim for.


should really be getting some sleep right now, but all I can think about is traveling up to middlesbrough tomorrow to see my good friends that I made at university, miss those guys and its been far too long since I saw them but for 2 night’s I plan on making it like I never left!

Staying up there until Sunday, which is Fathers day.. tried to buy him a bottle of <a href=””>Famous Dad</a> but sadly the supermarket where I went had either sold out or just not put any out, just the normal Famous Grouse.

so yeah.. a new post when I get back

the new office

Well, after almost two months at one office, today me, the online marketing team and the interactive team got moved to a “sister” company which has meant moving from one, quite nice and spacious office, where I was getting to know people to a converted semi-detached house, with new people…

It just doesn’t feel right, and although I’ve only spent an afternoon there it feels like we don’t fit in so that will take time… and the office (or living room for what it once was) we are now in is very small, I have however acquired some desk tidy’s and a wide-screen monitor which I can connect my laptop to… only the laptop needs new drivers for the screen resolution to display properly in 16:9 format.

Luckily we can work some days back in the old office in Manchester which will be thursday and possibly friday… right now though, I just want to get this week out the way and come end of work friday everyone from the original office (those who are still there) and the ones who moved out today will meet up at walkabout (a chain pub/bar with an australian theme) where money has been put behind the bar, so its free bar for us!!! Really looking forward to that.

As for wii fit news, the last time I went on it and did the training games was saturday, but since then it has just been the body tests… was planning on spending a lot of time on it tonight but I didn’t get home from work will late so it was a case of get home, make some stir fry and watch bits of the champions league game between Manchester United and Barcelona… So glad its an all English final!

oh and a note to my friend Cakapaje – I will try and get my work up soon!!!!! hopefully if i remember i will work on it tomorrow or thursday… unless I end up getting home late from work :S