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HELP! UK Broadband Info!

Ok I can finally be free from AOL this month, after many many years of having them as my provider I can now, very happily say bye bye to them.

I have done some research into other ISP’s but what I need is peoples honest answers, if you could tell me who you are with and what package and your thoughts and/or your recommendations.

Im looking for speeds of 2mb+ unlimited, and less then £20 a month, I had looked at o2 but have herd bad reports from them.

So… please, all I ask for is 2 minutes of your time… I will be very grateful

and to start the recommendations off I shall give you mine, NEVER EVER GO WITH AOL! rubbish service, rubbish help (today when phoning to cancel and get the MAC key they told us they will email it and that its not the law to just give it to us…. when in a matter of fact it is) basically just rubbish… avoid!