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a wiifit update

I actually spent some time on wiifit… yes that “game” I bought 2 months ago with the intention of using it every day and getting fit… yeah… that kinda failed.

And yes according to wiifit im right back to where I started… so feeling a bit down but yet again I am determined to try again… and yes I’ve seen all the jokes and the comics of fat geeks huffing a puffing on wiifit… well I now also have moutain bike so heopfully when the weather improves a bit I can go off into the hilss around where I live… or maybe the gym…

kick up the arse is needed big time.


Fun with Spore

I and now millions of others around the world downloaded the demo of the Spore Creature Creator to have an early see what it’s like.

After all… we have been waiting years!

So what do I think of it. Well after a long discussion with a friend of “just what do you do?”… “its a bit like the sims right?” and”what DO you do?!?” it turns out… not alot. Where The Sims had goals, you watched them grow, controlled their lives, and killed them in pools, Spore seems to be a big Tamagotchi… but with less features.

Ok so I’ve only played the demo… which has 25% of the full creature creator content, but I had a good read of the “What is Spore” section of the Spore site and it turns out you create your creature.. and then they live in a world of other creatures where it eats and fights with the others. The way the site describes it makes you feel confused and you may think that it could get boring very quickly

But once you start creating your creature you do start having fun the actuall creator is very well done. You start off with the body where you can see the spine which you can make to whatever shape you want. Then you can go about adding a mouth or mouth’s… eyes… ears… arms and legs basically whatever you want… what it to be tall.. you can… really short… that too… its a great and pretty powerful creator, I do quite like it alot.

Now I know I only played the demo and the full “game” isn’t released until september, but after a couple of creatures created last night I did get a little bored… maybe it was my lack of imagination or the fact there isn’t many things to put on your creature… but I started thinking again how pointless the full game could be once its released.

But on my way home from work today I decided to load up spore on the train home and created my 4th creature… and whilst  doing so found new ways of changing the mouth shape… and i managed to get the spine in a more horizontal position… and the fun was back!

I think it will be interesting to see just what the full game is like, being able to constuct more creatures and buildings, vehicles and spaceships for them… dont know why you can… but I’m sure we will see in september.

Will Wright… looks like you sold another copy

p.s. ill post picture of my creatures soon

Wii Fit – My Views

Ok since currently im spending trying to spend quite a bit of time on this “game” I thought I would write my views or mini review.

This is one “game” that I would love to see Zero Punctuation review to see what he thinks about it, but since he doesn’t do requests, so don’t ask him! and I can’t see him doing it really, but you never know.

Anyway I got WiiFit almost two weeks ago with the intention on spending a lot of time on it as over the past year I have pretty much let myself go, especially whilst sat at home every day looking for a job snacking because I was bored… not good. So yes, I hate myself for it… I’m overweight 😦 which is what WiiFit told me when I registered myself onto it, which in turn made my Mii character fat, a nice (and slightly embarrassing) feature but I think it helps the player more determined to make his or her Mii thin again, and in turn themselves. This is also helped by the fact your daily body test records your results on an easy to read graph which tells you your BMI, Weight, Wii Age, and Wii Cash earned. The Wii Age is determined by your body test results (Which gives you your BMI and weight) and how well you do in a couple of balance tests and the Wii Cash is basically just how long you have spent on the training games and apart from unlocking more activities and games they don’t seem to do anything else.

The Activities/Games
These are split into 4 categories, Yoga, Muscle, Aerobic and Balance, the Yoga and some Muscle I would say are best left until you have used WiiFit for a few weeks… well if your like me, if you are one of those people who are already fit, go for it. But anyway the games range from step boxing to jogging to snowboarding and are all quite fun, I do like the jogging, and there is a great feature when you unlock the free jogging activity where you set the run time to 10, 20 or 30 minutes and you can switch the channel to a tv channel and watch that whilst the Wii remote guides you with its speaker on how your doing and how long is left. Really liked that, apart from I was knackered after the run.

but what about the board!!!!
I was very surprised by how heavy the board is, but that’s a good thing, helps stop the board accidentally moving around when your on it, not that it will with the 4 big rubber feet it has so its going nowhere no matter what surface you put it on, it is quite big so storing it some place can be a bit tricky but it can fit under things easily and it has two carry handles so transporting it about isn’t too bad. I’m impressed by the board, it does respond to small inputs you make so whatever is inside it works a treat.

Overall I’m really please I got this and I do think it will help with weight loss and general fitness, I still plan on going to an actual gym and/or running, but for those days when its raining or your pressed for time WiiFit is easily accessible and the body check is great for tracking your progress.

I do think I have sounded like this is the best thing to be made ever but no, it does have its downsides for one, the voice of the BalanceBoard (yes it talks) is kinda cute at first in the normal nintendo way but could get irritating after a while, and the games could run out soon, but there are quite a few of them, and from what I have read today NAMCO BANDAI have announced Family Ski which will include optional balance board support so its nice to see that other developers are making use of the board, maybe in the future we will see surfing? skateboarding? snowboarding… err that’s all I can come up with…. crowd surfing could be another perhaps!??