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9 months later

Well…. I finished uni last June… since then I have carried on working at a general porter at my local hospital… something I have now been doing for five years… first couple of months were busy and I had regular days there so I was able to get some money behind me.

Sadly though things happened, changes occured and my days got less and less so I made a start of looking for my first “proper” job.

The months started to go by, the nights were longer and it got cold, I joined a temp agency with a hope of some work, I did a couple of days at a telecoms place where I was told to “slow down, your working too fast”… but that was it, they never found me any more work.

So Christmas came and went, I got ill over new year which made it very uneventful sadly but I continued to look for work. Things picked up slightly at the hospital and I did a few more hours here and there.

BUT, now just as March begins I can finally bring some good news… next week I am going to be working in Manchester as a Junior SEO (search engine optimisation) executive! I am looking forward to it, but also slightly nervous. My boss will be my neighbour which I dont mind and he has given me the first week as a trail to see if I like the work before I make any commitments, but I doubt I will not like it. I do also have an interview for a Trainee information analyst postition at Blackburn Hospital which would also be a pretty good job but the SEO position is more what I want to do with the rest of my life and interests me more.

Part of me is just glad that I can now stop searching and relax a little at home, for too long I have been looking for work, I just want to earn some money and buy a couple of things I want and save up some money for a holiday sometime this year for me and my gf as we both want a nice relaxing holiday someplace, I also really feel that I need to make up for the fact that we planned on going to Florence a couple of years ago but I overspent and ran out of money entirely. So we couldn’t go. We did spend a couple of nights in Edinburgh which was nice but I have always felt bad ever since.

So hopefully this time next week I should be writing again about my week…

unfortunately I will have to get a bus every day…. that will be a low point