C25K – Day 1

Today I went for a run following the guide i found at http://www.c25k.com/ in my bid to get fit (yeah yeah I know I have been saying it for years now) but I was well prepared, new running trainers and shorts bought at the weekend and podcast downloaded (which I could add my own music to).

It is a really good way of starting to run (sounds silly but after lazing about for years it makes sense) as it tells you to walk for 5 mins to warm up, then comes the first 60 second run, then 90 seconds of walking and it alternates like this for about half an hour finishing with another 5 minute walk to cool down. I enjoyed it and covered quite some distance (which I will track), I’ll be honest, I did sometimes take a bit more of a break then it said and stopped twice to get my breath back but I do suffer from astma so am easing myself into it, but I ran for all of the 60 seconds (a couple of times a little bit longer) that it said to do.

Next run is friday as you’re supposed to take a day off inbetween, going to be tough to make myself do it on a friday but I will try and stick to it after all in 9 weeks I’m supposed to be able to run 5k or 30 minutes non-stop *gulp!*


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