alone at work

not updated in a while… again! and its looking like most of the time I post general me and my life stuff, I write it on the train to and from work. Currently on the way into work where I shall spend today alone as the other 3 people in my office are out all day so apart from maybe the odd person coming in to ask where they are, no one, nade, zilch. Was quite looking forward to it as I can sit there listen to my ipod and get on with things but today its kinda hit me… it’s going to suck.

Been having more ideas to have more blogs about chosen subjects, like one for games and another for cars/motorsports just so this blog is kept to one thing and one thing only… my life. It all really depends on how much I can keep them updated, my time at home is very short now although the weeks are flying by (is it really thursday already!) but it means that I can get closer to my holiday which I booked last week to Rhodes in September. Really looking forward to that especilly because it means I get to spend a whole week with Lou who I hardly get to see anymore (which also sucks) but she is trying to get a job up here… really hope she does. Especilly since its her birthday next month and also we will have been together for 4 years then and its looking like we wont get to see each other.

Right, time for me to get off the train and go to work. *sigh*


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