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a wiifit update

I actually spent some time on wiifit… yes that “game” I bought 2 months ago with the intention of using it every day and getting fit… yeah… that kinda failed.

And yes according to wiifit im right back to where I started… so feeling a bit down but yet again I am determined to try again… and yes I’ve seen all the jokes and the comics of fat geeks huffing a puffing on wiifit… well I now also have moutain bike so heopfully when the weather improves a bit I can go off into the hilss around where I live… or maybe the gym…

kick up the arse is needed big time.


Fun with Spore

I and now millions of others around the world downloaded the demo of the Spore Creature Creator to have an early see what it’s like.

After all… we have been waiting years!

So what do I think of it. Well after a long discussion with a friend of “just what do you do?”… “its a bit like the sims right?” and”what DO you do?!?” it turns out… not alot. Where The Sims had goals, you watched them grow, controlled their lives, and killed them in pools, Spore seems to be a big Tamagotchi… but with less features.

Ok so I’ve only played the demo… which has 25% of the full creature creator content, but I had a good read of the “What is Spore” section of the Spore site and it turns out you create your creature.. and then they live in a world of other creatures where it eats and fights with the others. The way the site describes it makes you feel confused and you may think that it could get boring very quickly

But once you start creating your creature you do start having fun the actuall creator is very well done. You start off with the body where you can see the spine which you can make to whatever shape you want. Then you can go about adding a mouth or mouth’s… eyes… ears… arms and legs basically whatever you want… what it to be tall.. you can… really short… that too… its a great and pretty powerful creator, I do quite like it alot.

Now I know I only played the demo and the full “game” isn’t released until september, but after a couple of creatures created last night I did get a little bored… maybe it was my lack of imagination or the fact there isn’t many things to put on your creature… but I started thinking again how pointless the full game could be once its released.

But on my way home from work today I decided to load up spore on the train home and created my 4th creature… and whilst  doing so found new ways of changing the mouth shape… and i managed to get the spine in a more horizontal position… and the fun was back!

I think it will be interesting to see just what the full game is like, being able to constuct more creatures and buildings, vehicles and spaceships for them… dont know why you can… but I’m sure we will see in september.

Will Wright… looks like you sold another copy

p.s. ill post picture of my creatures soon

home again

As I write this I’m curently sat on a train heading back home after spending a couple of nights seeing friends on Middlesbrough. Had a really good time and so glad I took Janets offer of her spare room instead of a sleeping bag on Daves floor.

Sadly though, and I’m quite ashamed of myself for this weekend is quite a big one for motorsport fans which I am… I have totally ignored the Le Man 24 hour race which happened this weekend, sure I read pretty much everything posted about it but the actual race? The biggest race of the year? Missed it

Well thats not entirely true as it is still happening now, but I have no internet access and by the time I get home it will be over. Oh well maybe I will actually go see it next year (which is a very good plan). Unless it’s on the same weekend as the Download festival which also happened this weekend (clearly I miss everything) something else that would be good to go to.

But I need money first and theres many other things that I could use the money for, like an apartment, this week as I read the paper I found it had a housing insert with many apartments in for £400-£600 a month (kinda my price range) which isn’t too bad especilly since some come fully furnished for that price and in a pretty good area of Manchester, and really if I have to get the bus or tram into manchester then that all adds up which could be money for rent. And it would take me ALOT less time to get to and from work, an hour+ journey cut down to a few minutes.

I don’t know, been home a year and after seeing my friends who have their own place, I really want that. I miss my freedom and my independance, and there is just more to see and do in Mancheseter. SO maybe, in six months, I’ll move out, that could be a good New Years thing start 2009 in a new place… maybe something to aim for.

BBC doesn’t choose the best picture for an article

Just reading through some Le Man articles, mostly on autosport but found one on the BBC site with an article about how Audi and Peugeot now dominate the race using diesel powered cars and in the future diesel hybrids may be used. you can see it here.

But what got my attention was the choice of picture the BBC decided to use to put to a quote by Marc Boque of PSA Peugeot Citroen.

oops! a bad choice I think. Clearly shows a damaged Peugeot LMP-1 Car

Clearly whoever had the job to find a sutibe picture was pressed for time but to put this picture to a quote is a bad mistake. hey must have realised that it is a picture of a accident damaged Peugeot LMP-1 car being loaded onto the back of a truck to be taken back to the pits. You can clearly see thet the bodywork around the front left wheel is missing.

I would imagine the picture will be changed at some point during the day, but until then… enjoy the mistake!


should really be getting some sleep right now, but all I can think about is traveling up to middlesbrough tomorrow to see my good friends that I made at university, miss those guys and its been far too long since I saw them but for 2 night’s I plan on making it like I never left!

Staying up there until Sunday, which is Fathers day.. tried to buy him a bottle of <a href=””>Famous Dad</a> but sadly the supermarket where I went had either sold out or just not put any out, just the normal Famous Grouse.

so yeah.. a new post when I get back

365 days

Well tomorrow marks a year since I came home from university for good. Cannot believe its been a year already but I am very glad that a year later I have found employment and its in the field that I studied, you see so many graduates leave university only to get a job in something completely different then what they trained in, or some just don’t have a job for ages

So, this past year what have I done

  • Spent 9 months actually looking for a job.
  • Went on holiday for a week to Spain. It mostly rained.
  • Did a couple of days working as a temp doing data entry.
  • Learned that data entry is one of the most boring things to do.

… thats pretty much it. Quite a sad list really

So… year 2 as it is. Hopefully I’ll (get ready for more bullit points)

  • Progress more in my job and understand more about SEO (which could mean a new blog… which I may make later today)
  • Play more guitar… been playing for 5 years now… it’s time I got better.
  • Get fit (yeah still not really going on wiiFit… but I did buy a mountain bike today and the hills around where I live are perfect for that sort of thing)
  • Take more pictures in general to make my flickr account bigger… not just 2 pictures… and try and be at and arrange more social occasions and take pictures there
  • Actually manage to not look like an idiot in pictures…
  • Drawing and digital art… do some… been far too long. Especilly since my number of profile views on deviantArt has increased alot!

yes I doubt I will stick to these things… but I’ll try.

anyway… todays far too nice to sit inside… even though theres nothing to do out there really… damn friends moving away 😛

It’s june already!?!

Well after a brief spell of blogging every couple of days, I then don’t for two weeks… oops!

But I have been very busy, mostly (pretty much all) at work and work related things, somehow over the last couple of weeks my work load has doubled (tripled!?) so much that I actually don’t have that much time to get it all done AND my job title has changed from online marketing executive to digital media executive. Which does sound a little impressive but really it’s not and im still just doing the reporting and small (ish) tasks.

So that has pretty much been it, there was a leaving do for 3 members of staff but sadly not that many people turned up (I really thought there would have been more) and one of them spilt his guinness down me so I ended up sitting in a guiness puddle for a while.. I had to let him off tho, he had been made redundant the day before… still… guiness doesnt leave the best stain in the world.

So I shall leave this here for now. It turns out my weekends are going to get quite eventful over the next month or so, this weekend (well thursday really) I am taking a couple of days off from work 🙂 and travelign to Leeds to see my friends art show, I have been promising him that I would go see one for ages but then something always got in the way at the last minute, and since he is now in his last year of University I will definatly go, and I hope that we will get chance to go for a drink together as it has been a long time since we have done, well the last time I drank and he couldnt due to a medical condition… but hes fine now so yes a nice quiet drink would be…. nice.

Then the weekend after… actually it may be nothing

Maybe im not that busy after all!