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The joys of faster internet

Finally today my 8mb internet connection was turned on, and yes thats slow now compared to most places in the world now (I’m looking at you Japan), and the fact that the lines used here in the UK are from when phones were first invented the one I use can only handle 3mb but its 2mb faster then what I was on before so I am very happy, and a big plus, no more AOL. Since I first got the internet I have been with AOL (I was with a couple of other but also had AOL at the same time. Don’t ask why, my dad was paying for it so it was his choice). When I first used AOL I quite liked it, it had a couple of fun multiplayer games… Splatterball and some space ship one, but then they were taken away, and I found that chat rooms are a scary place to be with people pretty much stalking others on there.

But now after about 10 years with them, I have finally changed to O2. Is very cheap since they are also my mobile phone provider. Just hope it continues to do this well.

Oh, and I will be doing a couple more “my views” soon, GTA IV and Mario Kart. and maybe a Wii Fit update but I havn’t been on it for a while… oops! what was the purpose of that again?

oh and for a closing note, and this is something I have tried writing a couple of times now but has just turned into shouting. I live close to Manchester, UK and work there and last wedesday I witnessed the Rangers fans on mass “invade” the City Centre and when following the events all day and night and then seeing some of the result back in Manchester the following day… and many blog reading, and viewing of pictures and video of the riot which happened made me very angry. Manchester is one of my favourite places to be and to see it pretty much “ruined” in one night by a bunch of pissed up hooligans made me very sad. I like football… and Scotland, but to see what those Rangers fans did last wednesday night, and then to be supported by the Scottish Conservative party who said “Manchester is to blame”… well I just hope Glasgow holds a Major sporting event soon and then the Scottish Conservative party can witness there city being destroyed… hopefully by their own Rangers fans. Let there police force be beaten to the ground and stamped on.


New Ferrari California…

I am quite a big car fan… and usually have an opinion on most cars new or old, so when I got the Top Gear (very popular tv show here in UK… although it is also shown on international BBC stations… I think) announcing about a new ferrari with pictures, I had one of my opinions…

Now, Ferrari in my eyes are just about getting back on track of what a car should look like with the F430, the Enzo for me was horrible, yes its fast and has lots of features which are more suited to the F1 Ferrari but… no… pointless car, and you can buy (if you have enough money) a F430 which has nearly the same top speed as the Enzo (about 2mph less) so whats the point of the Enzo when the F430 looks far better…

(Right now I would like to point out, as its something I feel strongly about and don’t want to upset anyone or start a comment war… THESE ARE MY OWN OPINIONS, I understand that you may love the Enzo, which I’m not going to say your wrong, its your opinion… good for you. I’ts the same with the Xbox v Playstation v Wii debate which will never go away, I used to be very pro Playstation, but now I own a wii and a Xbox360 and couldnt care less which is better… its fun… thats what they are made for…)

Anyway the new Ferrari California (not the best name, but am still undecided on it) looks ok

Ferrari California - Front

but to me, the front looks slightly Maserati GranSport ish, but I do see a resemblence to the F355.

Ferrari California Rear

The rear though does look like a TVR and doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the cars looks. It just looks like an afterthought and a “how can we make the rear different?” meeting must have happened late one night. Annoyingly I have tried to find a picture which would be a good comparision, but unfortuantly so far I havnt apart from this picture

tvr sagaris back

I will try and find better comparison shot.

I must be honest though, whilst writing this short post I have been looking at the California more and more and am now really starting to like it, the rear still bothers me and I don’t think it’s as good as a F430, the Calirornia almost looks like it was built to be included in OutRun, and driven on streets by the beach around lots of other beautiful people, and in a city where it never rains…

… well tomorrow I will be driving a new car a Toyota Yaris and im really excited…

move? or dont move?

So I finally get a job, where after a while I finally settle in and start to get to know my colleagues a bit more… then my department gets moved down to Wilmslow for 3 months, which does suck, but I am just coming to terms with it and hopefully things will improve, then when I get home on Friday night my Mum shows me a job advert in the local paper for a position exactly the same as what I am doing now, no experience necessary so it could be an easy win for me, and its £10,000 more then what I’m on now…

I really wish I hadn’t been shown that advert, on my way home I was happy, it was the weekend, and for some reason the weather in the UK is very nice at the moment! which does make a nice change. But now I know of this position I have been down… I like my job now, well, I like where I used to be and will go back to in a couple of months, I like the people I work with and have made some great friends there… but £10,000 is a lot of money, especially for a 23 year old guy like me. Everyone I have spoken to… wishing they would tell me I should stay where I am have told me to go for it and leave, but I just wouldn’t fee right if I did, I got my current job though my next door neighbour so am very grateful to him, sure he knows that in a couple of years I will probably leave as its best to move around different agencies but not after a couple of months!!! And also all the other people I work with, I don’t want it to be the case of I just get to know them and then I leave… I suppose I am thinking of other’s too much before myself.

also the £10,000 is nice but it would mean I would start having to pay off my student loan… I wanted to build up some savings before then, but on the other hand pretty much every day I want something else, like a place of my own, or my own car or this or that… the money would help me get those things sooner

I may talk to my neighbour and see what he says, but I will probably scream if he says that I should go for it. Another thing is I need to check on the reputation of the agency, if its not as good as where I am now, even with the extra money I won’t go, it may take a year or two but I will be on the same wage then and have a better career background behind me.

I just don’t know what to do

Wii Fit – My Views

Ok since currently im spending trying to spend quite a bit of time on this “game” I thought I would write my views or mini review.

This is one “game” that I would love to see Zero Punctuation review to see what he thinks about it, but since he doesn’t do requests, so don’t ask him! and I can’t see him doing it really, but you never know.

Anyway I got WiiFit almost two weeks ago with the intention on spending a lot of time on it as over the past year I have pretty much let myself go, especially whilst sat at home every day looking for a job snacking because I was bored… not good. So yes, I hate myself for it… I’m overweight 😦 which is what WiiFit told me when I registered myself onto it, which in turn made my Mii character fat, a nice (and slightly embarrassing) feature but I think it helps the player more determined to make his or her Mii thin again, and in turn themselves. This is also helped by the fact your daily body test records your results on an easy to read graph which tells you your BMI, Weight, Wii Age, and Wii Cash earned. The Wii Age is determined by your body test results (Which gives you your BMI and weight) and how well you do in a couple of balance tests and the Wii Cash is basically just how long you have spent on the training games and apart from unlocking more activities and games they don’t seem to do anything else.

The Activities/Games
These are split into 4 categories, Yoga, Muscle, Aerobic and Balance, the Yoga and some Muscle I would say are best left until you have used WiiFit for a few weeks… well if your like me, if you are one of those people who are already fit, go for it. But anyway the games range from step boxing to jogging to snowboarding and are all quite fun, I do like the jogging, and there is a great feature when you unlock the free jogging activity where you set the run time to 10, 20 or 30 minutes and you can switch the channel to a tv channel and watch that whilst the Wii remote guides you with its speaker on how your doing and how long is left. Really liked that, apart from I was knackered after the run.

but what about the board!!!!
I was very surprised by how heavy the board is, but that’s a good thing, helps stop the board accidentally moving around when your on it, not that it will with the 4 big rubber feet it has so its going nowhere no matter what surface you put it on, it is quite big so storing it some place can be a bit tricky but it can fit under things easily and it has two carry handles so transporting it about isn’t too bad. I’m impressed by the board, it does respond to small inputs you make so whatever is inside it works a treat.

Overall I’m really please I got this and I do think it will help with weight loss and general fitness, I still plan on going to an actual gym and/or running, but for those days when its raining or your pressed for time WiiFit is easily accessible and the body check is great for tracking your progress.

I do think I have sounded like this is the best thing to be made ever but no, it does have its downsides for one, the voice of the BalanceBoard (yes it talks) is kinda cute at first in the normal nintendo way but could get irritating after a while, and the games could run out soon, but there are quite a few of them, and from what I have read today NAMCO BANDAI have announced Family Ski which will include optional balance board support so its nice to see that other developers are making use of the board, maybe in the future we will see surfing? skateboarding? snowboarding… err that’s all I can come up with…. crowd surfing could be another perhaps!??

HELP! UK Broadband Info!

Ok I can finally be free from AOL this month, after many many years of having them as my provider I can now, very happily say bye bye to them.

I have done some research into other ISP’s but what I need is peoples honest answers, if you could tell me who you are with and what package and your thoughts and/or your recommendations.

Im looking for speeds of 2mb+ unlimited, and less then £20 a month, I had looked at o2 but have herd bad reports from them.

So… please, all I ask for is 2 minutes of your time… I will be very grateful

and to start the recommendations off I shall give you mine, NEVER EVER GO WITH AOL! rubbish service, rubbish help (today when phoning to cancel and get the MAC key they told us they will email it and that its not the law to just give it to us…. when in a matter of fact it is) basically just rubbish… avoid!

New domain name!

Just a quick one tonight, will do a full post tomorrow but tonight I have bought a domain name for my site its

Just waiting for it to be set up fully but hopefully it will be done by the morning.