Monthly Archives: March 2008

Week 1

What a week… I didn’t end up doing a full week of the trail but started on Wednesday instead. So far I’m quite liking it, only been reports so far but that’s not too bad (remind me of this in a couple of months!!!) although I am looking forward to starting work on the actual “work” side of things (paid search, ad-words etc etc)

And of course there are certian fun sides, first thing to do in the morning, get in, check email, quick morning chat then starbucks (the mocha I had this morning could be a new fav) and for the first two days it was Subway for lunch… although today it was Wagamama’s (soo much food!!!) things are quite relaxed which is nice.

Other things this week. Tuesday I had the Information Analyst Trainee interview which went well… the short logic/excel test went ok, the logic was easy apart from one anagram question but I do really need to brush up on my excel skills, but the interview itself went very well, usually I’m nervous but this time I was calm and seemed to do a good job of it. I did get a call from them on Thursday but I was at work so I couldn’t take the call…. or at least I think I couldn’t… but anyway don’t really want to push it for my first month!

The information analyst job is good, but it would be a big step away from what I want/like doing (the web), with my current job I keep that, it’s not my original idea of being a web designer but its a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately this week also brought some bad news, my Grandma died in her sleep on Tuesday night which wasn’t the best news to wake up to on my first day of work. I didn’t get to see her that much even though I only live about 20 mins away but I wont go into that or I would be writing all night. I do miss her and I feel guilty as I did promise her that I would go visit her “soon” but never really got round to it, which I know, sounds bad. In a way it is for the best, she wasn’t very well and in pain every day so I am glad she doesn’t have to suffer though that any more.

So anyway that’s the first week and I have gone on now for over 400 words which must be a record for me. I am starting to understand the importance of blog’s more, and can see myself updating this one more frequently (although it is more of a Journal)

right that’s over 450 words, time for me to shut up


9 months later

Well…. I finished uni last June… since then I have carried on working at a general porter at my local hospital… something I have now been doing for five years… first couple of months were busy and I had regular days there so I was able to get some money behind me.

Sadly though things happened, changes occured and my days got less and less so I made a start of looking for my first “proper” job.

The months started to go by, the nights were longer and it got cold, I joined a temp agency with a hope of some work, I did a couple of days at a telecoms place where I was told to “slow down, your working too fast”… but that was it, they never found me any more work.

So Christmas came and went, I got ill over new year which made it very uneventful sadly but I continued to look for work. Things picked up slightly at the hospital and I did a few more hours here and there.

BUT, now just as March begins I can finally bring some good news… next week I am going to be working in Manchester as a Junior SEO (search engine optimisation) executive! I am looking forward to it, but also slightly nervous. My boss will be my neighbour which I dont mind and he has given me the first week as a trail to see if I like the work before I make any commitments, but I doubt I will not like it. I do also have an interview for a Trainee information analyst postition at Blackburn Hospital which would also be a pretty good job but the SEO position is more what I want to do with the rest of my life and interests me more.

Part of me is just glad that I can now stop searching and relax a little at home, for too long I have been looking for work, I just want to earn some money and buy a couple of things I want and save up some money for a holiday sometime this year for me and my gf as we both want a nice relaxing holiday someplace, I also really feel that I need to make up for the fact that we planned on going to Florence a couple of years ago but I overspent and ran out of money entirely. So we couldn’t go. We did spend a couple of nights in Edinburgh which was nice but I have always felt bad ever since.

So hopefully this time next week I should be writing again about my week…

unfortunately I will have to get a bus every day…. that will be a low point