Monthly Archives: December 2007

same old me

well… week.. whatever and still no job…. kinda
And its been a month (ish) since my last update for which to those few people who take time out of there busy lives to read this (for which I am truly thankful) I am sorry

I have been busy, in my last journal i mentioned i was doing some temp work well i did that, and have been back again since for a couple of days… its not a bad place to work for although they dont seem to like you working quickly…. pretty much anything i did i completed way before they expected to and at one point was told to do the next task “slowly”

Also I have been doing some website work for my uncles business which included redesigning his website and adding a new gallery style… they will use the new gallery style but not the new design… which i was a bit gutted about but it is something for my portfolio and gave me something to work on. Now I have another 2 website to work on… for them… one is a redesign of a swansea shopping centre site and the other is a rebuild of a halifax museums site. should keep me busy

unfortunatly my “art” is at a pretty much standstill at the moment. Probably because any free time I have is spent watching comedys and playing Guitar Hero 3 or Call Of Duty 4… and the occasional job search!

And only 2 more weeks to go and its xmas… and I am a bit prepared… only a couple more presents to buy and cards to send and thats it… cant really believe that its so soon just want to feel a bit more festive… I think more starbucks eggnog will help…