Monthly Archives: November 2007

Is this a plan I see before me?

OK so…. yeah the last couple of weeks have been eventful… including many trips to the pub, halloween (I ate most of the sweets), bonfire night (I went to a bonfire and had fireworks in the back garden.. but hated everyone else for having them, night after night of wizz bang.  Also its included website creating, hospital work, lifting and handling training – pointless! and T-mobile leaving.

On Thursday I have a days temp work as a data entry… guy for a company in Burnley, which should be good and aparantly has the possibility of turning into a full time job. But will have to see how Thursday goes first.

After that, Monday my g/f is coming to stay with me for a couple of nights before she moves down south to start her job 😦 this next year  is going to suck.

other things next week… graduation… current feelings about that… meh…

other other things in the future… more website work!, although will have to go up to Durham for a while…

How can things be so busy even though I don’t do anything…

maybe its called having a life!