Monthly Archives: October 2007


Well things are looking up (ish)

  1. I have spoken to my uncle, and the guy who he works with and am currently working on a new mock up for their website and 2 new gallery styles… so I have work!
  2. Also! spoke to my next door neighbough and am waiting to hear back from him about doing some work for his small business… he was supposed to call round on Thursday night but he didn’t get home till late… about 5 mins before I went to the pub. Ill try and see him tomorrow.
  3. The hospital called and want me back for a few more days work, 3 days starting Monday and 4 the week after… so that’s a bit more money in the bank.
  4. Thursday night was a good night, even though the lame pub quiz we entered, we didn’t win (at least I got the “when was the first email sent” question right… 1971 folks)
  5. Also on Thursday (it was a busy day) went to a huge jobs fair in Manchester so have got alot of information to go through and apply for

well I think thats about it, glad things are looking up a bit, hope this next week will be better.

P.s. A big huge thanks to the person who left me a comment… your words really helped… so thanks very much!



Ok so, I have this blog which I don’t use really, it has been sat here for months. Right now though, and even thought I know no one will ever read this (maybe) I thought I may use it to try and put my life into some sort of perspective… and at 1am… its the perfect time

SO. I am a 23 year old guy who finished uni this summer and came away with a diploma because he didn’t work hard enough… I am unemployed (ish) with only a few days here and there portering at the hospital, so my money is going down. I have been looking for jobs for the last 3 months and been on two interviews even though I applied for about 50+ jobs. In my spare time (apart from applying for jobs) I should practise and improve my skills in web/graphic design to help build up my portfolio and deviantArt gallery, but I don’t, tv shows and video games seem to be the thing to do.

I know that if someone out there does read this they will think… look buddy all you have to do is apply for more jobs and do some portfolio work you big waster! I know this… its just putting it all into practise is the hard part. Hopefully something inside me will soon kick in and everything will be better.

There is some good news, I do have an offer from my uncle to help him out with some things and re-do his businesses website (which needs doing), just waiting to hear back from a guy then I can make a start, and from my next door neighbough who is giving me a fantastic chance to get experience to work for him, not a lot (maybe not at all) money at first and it wouldn’t be a full time job, but there is a chance it could turn into that depending on how well the business goes. So at least that is something!

I also realise just how emo this entry is… kinda hate it