Monthly Archives: April 2007

back in the boro

Well this past week has been strange, I’ve been busy… doing nothing and so far my idea’s for this blog are failing. I do want to add photos and stuff about what’s happening in my life at the moment but right now
1. Not alot is happening

2. I dont really take that many photos, even though the only camera I own is on my phone and that’s with me pretty much all the time

Although since coming back to uni on Sunday I had an ace night on Sunday playing pool and trying to keep cool in the boiling Southfield pub.. oh and the quiz we did there. We came 6th which wasn’t bad.

I also had a nice time on Tuesday even though I was conned into going to a fashion show by my friend phoning me asking if I wanted to meet for a pint, then when i got there I had to support their friend by going to the show. But afterwards I got that pint and had a nice relaxing talk, was cool.

One thing though, why is it when I rush out of bed to get to a lecture they are always cancelled! 😦


Am I finding a use for this?

Ok since last night (about 2am) when I was messing about with my blog and trying to decide what to do it, I seem to have become hooked on it… still not really have a use for it, but just like messing.

So today apart from messing with this, I have formatted the PC at home and sorted that out… went to the gym again (go me!) and did bits of work which should really be finished by now. *sigh* and it’s a really nice day outside now… all day the weather has been a bit crappy until now, but is nice to just have the window open and hear the birds and stuff… then the odd plane as it circles overhead before it can land at Manchester. ahh the joys of summer spring

something coming?

Hello. This is my blog. Not much to see at the moment sorry… but soon… there will be, when I think of a use for it. I could use it to tell everyone what I have been up to, but I use my deviantArt journal for that… maybe I will replace it with this. Or run both side by side.

Oh I also have a facebook account, which strangely gets used more when I have an important piece of work due…. odd that